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Know Prabhat Ranjan Praneet as an Author

Prabhat Ranjan Praneet Author

As a writer, Prabhat Ranjan Praneet has made his name after the publication of his debut novel, With You; Without You in Hindi and then a translated version in English. The motto of Prabhat’s literary works is not only limited to entertaining the readers. He focuses, also, on the messages that he wants to deliver through his writings. Mainly interested in writing novels, Prabhat also writes opinions, critical pieces and short stories, at times. Mostly, the pieces by Prabhat, irrespective of length, are focused on messages, thoughts and a search for solutions to the problems that we face as a society in the modern world.

The debut novel by Prabhat established him as a serious fiction author. He explores the world of love, friendship and youth in his first literary work. His writing skill, the modern usage of Hindi language and his skills of weaving plot have been appreciated by the readers as well as the critics. Inspired by the response, Prabhat has completed his second novel, which was his first-thought, Priyanka: Ek Pakistani Ladki. This novel also explores various problems related to religion and also retrospects the partition that created Pakistan, a different country.

Prabhat believes that writing should not be aimed at only providing base entertainment to the readers; it must have a larger purpose. He wants to be remembered as someone who gave importance to the themes he chose to write. In Prabhat’s writing, you will always find a depth being displayed by his selection of vocabulary, choice of themes, and construction of the plot. Though his career has just begun in the year 2017, he has begun feeling the expectations from his readers and he continues working on his writing to become better and better with every new literary work he delivers.