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Prabhat Ranjan Praneet as a Speaker

Not every writer can speak well! However, every writer with a deep sense of literary purposes and a serious attitude towards what he writes is a good speaker. Prabhat Ranjan is a gifted speaker with a very good command over Hindi language. He has spoken on various occasions and from various floors. In literary gatherings, with literary enthusiasts, with students, with authors, among scholars and intellectuals – Prabhat has spoken on many topics.

Because he has a tendency to get into the depths of a conversation, Prabhat can influence and sway the minds of his listeners. He has motivated students of various schools and colleges to do better with their studies and also about the importance of examinations.

If you are an organisation, an institution or even an individual who would like to invite Prabhat Ranjan Praneet as a speaker, please click the link below and do accordingly. The team will get back to you shortly.

Invite Prabhat as a Speaker

Here are a few videos of Prabhat Ranjan Praneet speaking on various topics

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