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Prabhat Ranjan Praneet as a Literary Enthusiast

Prabhat believes in literature for better purposes. Moreover, he also believes in literature as a platform, with open access, which is equal for all the people with creativity at their disposal. And with the same belief, he has created a literary organisation called Indrdhanush. At Indrdhanush, Prabhat has created a platform which allows the poets, authors and critics to share their creative and critical work with readers on a large scale.

Other than establishing Indrdhanush, Prabhat also takes part in literary festivals, book fair, literary gatherings and other events which are held to promote and support literature. He also shares his thoughts on important events related to literary personalities, literature in general and something that is related to literature even in a remote manner. You can read his thoughts on this page (at the end, you will see a list of his writings and link to read more).

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