Author Prabhat Ranjan Praneet

Author Prabhat Ranjan Praneet
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Prabhat Ranjan Praneet is a novelist and a literary personality who is committed to the promotion of sensible and meaningful literature. Author of the bestseller, With You; Without You, also his debut novel, Prabhat believes in writing literature that delivers something more than mere entertainment to the readers. His debut novel is based on various issues related to love, friendship and the common confusion that the youths of the day have – whether it’s love or just a close friendship?

Founder of the literary association, Indrdhanush, Prabhat works towards uniting the well-known and lesser-known personalities in literature along with writing novels, short stories and critical pieces on contemporary events. In spite of hailing from Patna, not so famous for literary productions, Prabhat has walked his way on his own – he established himself as an accomplished author just after the publication of his debut work. More novels by him are coming very soon.

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